Kaiping Meno Sanitary Ware Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer for plumbing products. We are located in Shuikou Town- the production center for sanitary ware in China.
we have been working to provide a variety of innovative and good-looking products to our clients, including faucet, bathroom accessory, zinc components ect.
We have advanced production equipment, and the finish are proceeded by modern plating line to ensure the quality of our products. Guided by science technology, relied on our talents, we stick to our principle: survive with reliable quality, move forward with good reputation and win the market with our excellent service.
We would like to work with clients from all over the world together for a more prosperous future.


More than 10 years of focus
on high-end bathroom field


Establishment of a company


Professional production of plumbing products


We have advanced production equipment and precision machining through modern electroplating lines to ensure the quality of our products.

The product needs to go through rigorous and strict processes from production to shipment to ensure zero error before leaving the factory. Dedicated quality inspectors, advanced quality inspection equipment, and strict management processes are only necessary to ensure the quality of every product in BINNOR.

Innovative technology

Innovative technology

Innovative technology

Innovative technology


For merchants: Spread professional brand knowledge and provide professional solutions.

To family: Touching with love, striving to learn and grow together·

To society: brands make us more respected and businesses more respected.

Service idea

Satisfying customers, moving customers, and meeting their needs is our pursuit!

Core values of the enterprise

Integrity, diligence, specificity, and innovation
Craftsmen are persistent in their craftsmanship, intelligent in making, innovating, and inheriting.