Maintenance Techniques for Furniture Hardware Accessories - Hardware Hangers
  • Date:2023-05-04
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The surface of bathroom products is exposed to hot and humid environments for a long time, with strong acidity and alkalinity. At the same time, the most contact with it during use is the sweat excreted by the human body, and the sweat is weakly alkaline. Even high-quality products, if not properly maintained, will reduce the service life of the product itself.
1. Developing the habit of opening doors and windows, maintaining unobstructed bathroom air, and separating dry and wet is the maintenance method for bathroom fixtures.
2. The surface of the pendant should be regularly wiped with a soft cotton cloth to ensure a bright luster. It is absolutely not allowed to use corrosive solutions for cleaning.
3. Paint has a great corrosive effect on the surface coating of the pendant, so do not let the paint touch the pendant.
4. Do not use corrosive sponges, cleaning agents containing corrosive, soluble, and acidic substances, bleach, vinegar, etc. to clean the hanging parts, as they all have a corrosive effect on the surface of the hanging parts, which can cause the surface of your hanging parts to lose luster or leave scratches. At the same time, it is not recommended to use cleaning agents with frequently changing formulas sold in the market, as they may also cause significant damage to your pendant. Try to choose natural cleaning agents for cleaning, and those that require gloves to operate should be used with caution! It's okay to destroy the pendant. Don't ruin your hands, and with the pungent smell, it's not worth the loss!!

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